We’re pleased to announce that TSN1 is now available in all communities in addition to TSN3 at no extra cost. Please refer to the following list to find out the channel number for your area.

Arborg – Channel 35
Ashern – Channel 11
Baldur – Channel 28
Cartwright – 29
Crystal City – 29
Eriksdale – Channel 20
Ethelbert – Channel 31
Hartney – Channel 11
Lac Du Bonnet – Channel 3
Lundar – Channel 17
Oak Lake – Channel 10
Oakbank – Channel 21
Oakville – Channel 17
Pilot Mound – 33
Pine Falls – Channel 10
Powerview – Channel 10
Rapid City – Channel 30
Reston – 10
Somerset – 32
St George – Channel 10
St Malo – Channel 35
Stony Mountain – Channel 13
Vita – Channel 28
Warren – Channel 13
Waskada – Channel 29
Wawanesa – Channel 22
West Pine Ridge – Channel 35
Winnipegosis – 29

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The BIG news this past month was the announcement from Bell Media of their new channel offerings from TSN. TSN is expanding from three channels TSN, TSN2 and TSN Jets, to five sports channels TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5.

New Broadcast Channels

This channel will remain a national broadcast channel for major sporting events. This channel is currently not available to Commstream and its customers. However TSN3 is broadcasting most of the same sporting events as TSN1. Commstream is currently working to make TSN1 available at a future date.

This channel is currently broadcast by TSN and will continue to be carried by Commstream in those areas where it was previously available.

This channel is currently broadcast by TSN and carried by Commstream, replacing the old channel TSN. In addition to the same national sporting events carried by TSN1, this channel will cover regional sporting events including the Winnipeg Blue Bomber and Winnipeg Jets home games. So now you can watch Winnipeg Jets home games for FREE.

This channel is currently broadcast by TSN and is currently carrying the same programming as TSN3. Commstream is waiting for further information on new sports programming for this new channel. Commstream will have to install new equipment over the next few months to provide this channel to its customers. This channel will be available at no additional charge.

Commstream will have to install new equipment over the next few months to provide this channel to its customers. Commstream is waiting for further information on new sports programming for this new channel. This channel will be available at no additional charge.

Additional information on these TSN channel changes can be found on the TSN web site:


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When companies advertise Internet services, much emphasis is put on download speed. It’s a term everyone is familiar with, and certainly no one would suggest that fast download speed isn’t important. What is less commonly considered is upload speed. The average consumer usually doesn’t think too much about upload speed, because most providers have upload speeds that are perfectly geared to the home user. Businesses, however, often experience difficulty when upload speed is a small fraction of download speed.

Minimal upload speeds can present problems for home users who like to play online multi-player role playing games. If the upload speed is insufficient, game play is sluggish and choppy. This is because bandwidth is used up with every element on the screen. Most providers have recognized this problem, and now offer upload speeds that allow for smooth game play.

For many business operators, the upload speed that allows for a smooth experience while online gaming still isn’t enough to meet their needs. Competing in the global economy means that you have to be able to upload massive amounts of data, network, share files, and video conference. Think of your Internet connection as a pipeline – if you put more in the pipeline than it can handle, it gets clogged. Data transfer slows to a crawl and productivity drops. That can translate into lost revenue. With video conferencing, if you don’t have an upload speed of at least 10Mbps, you can lose your connectivity. Problems are compounded when you have multiple users on your network.

CommStream offers download speeds of up to 100Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps. We serve all of Manitoba, and we offer urban technological solutions even for rural areas. Call us to arrange for an Internet package that gives you the upload speed you need to stay competitive in today’s business environment.

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The term “high speed Internet” is really not all that definitive. It’s a phrase that has entered the popular lexicon as a means of identifying Internet service that is “always on,” as opposed to dial-up service. Dial-up required a user to connect for each session, and could be interrupted by phone calls coming in over the same line.

Internet speed is measured in Mbps (megabits per second) or Kbps (kilobits per second). This essentially tells you how fast your Internet service allows you to download data. Download speeds are higher than upstream rates, simply because consumers download more often than they upload. When you send an email, post to Facebook, or access a web site, you’re uploading. For businesses that rely on file sharing, video conferencing, etc., low upstream rates can present problems. Ideally, your upstream rate should be as good as your download speed.

When broadband connections became available, dial-up peaked at about 56kbps. DSL was considerably faster, at about 1544Kbps (1.544Mbps). This was considered to be “high speed.” Today, the average connection speed is 6.6Mbps – five times as fast as early “high speed.” What we identified as high speed Internet back in the 1990s wouldn’t be considered even adequate by today’s standards.

Almost any Internet connection, other than dial-up, is adequate for the home user’s needs. 6.6Mbps is more than enough for the average consumer. Businesses, however, need considerably more. For instance, if you have multiple users in your office who are working simultaneously uploading data, even 10Mbps will be slow.

CommStream offers true high speed Internet – up to 100Mbps. We serve all of Manitoba, including rural areas with high upload and download speeds, plus video conferencing capability. If you’re operating a business in rural Manitoba, we’re committed to giving you the same high speed service as your urban counterparts. Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to devise an Internet solution that’s perfect for your business.

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You want to think outside the box, be innovative, and generally provide your customers with the best, fastest, most reliable service available. Unfortunately, sometimes you can end up being limited by your Internet provider.

Your phone and Internet provider could be holding you back. Low download and upload speeds, overpriced packages, and poor tech support can all be problems for businesses in rural areas.

Often, in provinces like Manitoba, rural consumers feel disenfranchised generally, and nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to Internet services. If you feel as though you’re being treated like a second-class consumer, you could be right.

It’s not necessarily cost-effective for providers to bring high speed Internet to rural areas, but in this day and age it’s nothing less than a responsibility. An Internet provider that doesn’t provide the same services to their rural customers as they do to their city-dwelling customers is not acting as a good corporate citizen.

At CommStream, we believe that high speed Internet is essential for every business no matter the location. Urban or rural, you need to be able to serve your customers quickly and effectively. When choosing an Internet provider for your business services, make sure to select one that meets your needs and those of the people you serve.

You deserve high speed Internet even if you’re not in downtown Winnipeg. It’s a basic right for any business in today’s competitive environment.

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CommStream is now servicing Winnipeg businesses. Not in Winnipeg? Not to worry – we are continuing to expand our business services across rural communities Manitoba.

Anyone who is operating a business in Winnipeg, or for that matter, anywhere in Manitoba, needs the benefits of high speed Internet. In order to be competitive in the digital world, you must be able to multi-task while working efficiently, with the fastest data services, zippy upload and download speeds, networking and video conferencing capability.

VoIP is the most modern and reliable form of delivery. Due to the high cost of switching technologies, service providers that have been in business for decades use older technology to deliver services. Furthermore, even this older technology remains unavailable in many Winnipeg areas, leaving few alternatives when it comes to wired service.

You deserve to have the best Internet service provider for your business services, and your customers deserve the same.

CommStream not only uses modern technology, but offers high speed Internet that is reliable and affordable.

Call us to discuss your business requirements. We can devise an efficient, cost-effective package that will work for your business needs at 1-866-206-3707 or 1-204-272-1347.

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You’re operating a business in a rural area of Manitoba. What should you look for? Business needs are different from personal needs. For home use, download speed is especially important, but running a business relies on strong download and upload speeds for file sharing between clients and co-workers.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing business services for your organization:

  • Outstanding technical support: When you’re offline, you’re losing money. Not every provider is going to give you the same level of support.
  • Top Notch Security: Most providers will offer spyware and anti-virus support, but you need to know how extensive that support is, and to what level it’s guaranteed.
  • Data Back up: You have to be able to network, to share resources and information between computers. You should also be able to back up your data online so it secure.
  • Consistent Upload and Download Speed: Speed and contention ratios vary across providers. It’s not just the speed at which you can download data – you have to consider upload speed as well. A good provider will talk with you about your broadband usage before you sign up so that you can be sure that the package you end up with is the one that best fits the way you work.
  • Value: You want the best value for your money. Watch out for introductory rates that balloon when the trial period is over.

For the best, low-cost, high-security Internet for business, you can count on CommStream for unprecedented service, reliability, and value.

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When you’re thinking about choosing an Internet service provider for your Manitoba business, you may need to look beyond the large players in the market to gain the most value for your organization.

The providers that are commonly known in Manitoba may offer high speed Internet within the urban Winnipeg area, and even into select suburbs, but when it comes to serving rural communities, unreliable service ensues.

Low population densities, geographic barriers, and simple distance have made it difficult for big providers to offer high speed Internet in rural areas. For some providers, the cost involved in delivering high speed Internet to businesses in outlying locations just doesn’t make bottom-line sense. If they do offer service, choices are limited with delays and outages being the norm, something a business owner can’t afford to have in order to deliver top service to their clients.

CommStream is committed to Internet for business in all areas of Manitoba, not just Winnipeg. We’ve been delivering high speed Internet, TV and phone services to residential customers in rural areas of Manitoba for some time now, and we believe that business operators in rural areas are entitled to the same quality of service as their urban counterparts.

There’s no reason why rural businesses shouldn’t have the same business services that are available in urban areas of Manitoba. Our commitment is to ensure that you can work as economically and as speedily as anyone else, anywhere else. Call us for a consultation, and we’ll help you determine whether you could conduct your business activities more effectively and economically. And don’t settle for slow Internet – you deserve better.

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Even the best laid plans are susceptible to certain issues from time to time. Unfortunately, this is especially true when it comes to Internet access. The many variables involved mean that it’s easy for something to go wrong with the result being intermittent access or slowed speed. While CommStream understands these problems can arise, we never want our customers to be forced to deal with them for any longer than they must. So, if you’re experiencing these kinds of issues, here’s how you can contact our technical support team for help.

During Business Hours
If you’re experiencing the problem between 9am and 5pm during the week, contact us at 1-866-206-3707 or at 1-204-272-1347 to immediately speak with one of our help desk associates. They will do their best to resolve the problem immediately, while you remain on the line.

Outside of Business Hours
Should you experience intermittent access or slowed speeds outside of business hours, you can still submit your problem to CommStream. Simply visit our Contact Us page. You’ll be asked to fill out some basic contact information so we know how to get in touch with you during normal office hours. We’ll also give you an area to fill out where you can explain what the nature of your issue is. The more in-depth you can be here, the easier it will be for us to diagnose your issue and respond.

Remote Support
CommStream is happy to offer all our residential customers remote support when they’re having issues with their online account. Our business customers can also seek remote support, but we ask that they first call us or submit the aforementioned form online.
Technical issues are just part of Internet access, but CommStream is proud of doing everything possible to keep these issues to as few as we can. If you’re having internet service issues, please reach out to us as soon as possible, so we can begin resolving them.

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