Are You With the Right Provider?

When you’re thinking about choosing an Internet service provider for your Manitoba business, you may need to look beyond the large players in the market to gain the most value for your organization.

The providers that are commonly known in Manitoba may offer high speed Internet within the urban Winnipeg area, and even into select suburbs, but when it comes to serving rural communities, unreliable service ensues.

Low population densities, geographic barriers, and simple distance have made it difficult for big providers to offer high speed Internet in rural areas. For some providers, the cost involved in delivering high speed Internet to businesses in outlying locations just doesn’t make bottom-line sense. If they do offer service, choices are limited with delays and outages being the norm, something a business owner can’t afford to have in order to deliver top service to their clients.

CommStream is committed to Internet for business in all areas of Manitoba, not just Winnipeg. We’ve been delivering high speed Internet, TV and phone services to residential customers in rural areas of Manitoba for some time now, and we believe that business operators in rural areas are entitled to the same quality of service as their urban counterparts.

There’s no reason why rural businesses shouldn’t have the same business services that are available in urban areas of Manitoba. Our commitment is to ensure that you can work as economically and as speedily as anyone else, anywhere else. Call us for a consultation, and we’ll help you determine whether you could conduct your business activities more effectively and economically. And don’t settle for slow Internet – you deserve better.

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