Choosing an Internet Provider for Your Manitoba Business

You’re operating a business in a rural area of Manitoba. What should you look for? Business needs are different from personal needs. For home use, download speed is especially important, but running a business relies on strong download and upload speeds for file sharing between clients and co-workers.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing business services for your organization:

  • Outstanding technical support: When you’re offline, you’re losing money. Not every provider is going to give you the same level of support.
  • Top Notch Security: Most providers will offer spyware and anti-virus support, but you need to know how extensive that support is, and to what level it’s guaranteed.
  • Data Back up: You have to be able to network, to share resources and information between computers. You should also be able to back up your data online so it secure.
  • Consistent Upload and Download Speed: Speed and contention ratios vary across providers. It’s not just the speed at which you can download data – you have to consider upload speed as well. A good provider will talk with you about your broadband usage before you sign up so that you can be sure that the package you end up with is the one that best fits the way you work.
  • Value: You want the best value for your money. Watch out for introductory rates that balloon when the trial period is over.

For the best, low-cost, high-security Internet for business, you can count on CommStream for unprecedented service, reliability, and value.

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