Does Your Internet Provider Limit You?

You want to think outside the box, be innovative, and generally provide your customers with the best, fastest, most reliable service available. Unfortunately, sometimes you can end up being limited by your Internet provider.

Your phone and Internet provider could be holding you back. Low download and upload speeds, overpriced packages, and poor tech support can all be problems for businesses in rural areas.

Often, in provinces like Manitoba, rural consumers feel disenfranchised generally, and nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to Internet services. If you feel as though you’re being treated like a second-class consumer, you could be right.

It’s not necessarily cost-effective for providers to bring high speed Internet to rural areas, but in this day and age it’s nothing less than a responsibility. An Internet provider that doesn’t provide the same services to their rural customers as they do to their city-dwelling customers is not acting as a good corporate citizen.

At CommStream, we believe that high speed Internet is essential for every business no matter the location. Urban or rural, you need to be able to serve your customers quickly and effectively. When choosing an Internet provider for your business services, make sure to select one that meets your needs and those of the people you serve.

You deserve high speed Internet even if you’re not in downtown Winnipeg. It’s a basic right for any business in today’s competitive environment.

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