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When companies advertise Internet services, much emphasis is put on download speed. It’s a term everyone is familiar with, and certainly no one would suggest that fast download speed isn’t important. What is less commonly considered is upload speed. The … Continue reading

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The term “high speed Internet” is really not all that definitive. It’s a phrase that has entered the popular lexicon as a means of identifying Internet service that is “always on,” as opposed to dial-up service. Dial-up required a user … Continue reading

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You want to think outside the box, be innovative, and generally provide your customers with the best, fastest, most reliable service available. Unfortunately, sometimes you can end up being limited by your Internet provider. Your phone and Internet provider could … Continue reading

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CommStream is now servicing Winnipeg businesses. Not in Winnipeg? Not to worry – we are continuing to expand our business services across rural communities Manitoba. Anyone who is operating a business in Winnipeg, or for that matter, anywhere in Manitoba, … Continue reading

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You’re operating a business in a rural area of Manitoba. What should you look for? Business needs are different from personal needs. For home use, download speed is especially important, but running a business relies on strong download and upload … Continue reading

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When you’re thinking about choosing an Internet service provider for your Manitoba business, you may need to look beyond the large players in the market to gain the most value for your organization. The providers that are commonly known in … Continue reading

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Even the best laid plans are susceptible to certain issues from time to time. Unfortunately, this is especially true when it comes to Internet access. The many variables involved mean that it’s easy for something to go wrong with the … Continue reading

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if you want the best from your TV services, you need to check out IPTV. Fortunately, we’re bringing it to Manitoba. Keep reading to learn about why this is a technology you’ll want in your home. What is IPTV? The … Continue reading

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We are so pleased to announce we are featured in last week’s issue of the Interlake Enterprise publication. The piece talks about how we are continuing to bring state-of-the-art technology and services to rural Manitoba communities. Read the full article here. … Continue reading

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